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  • The Complete Packing Guide for Central America

    I’ve historically never been great at packing light. My last trip to South East Asia was three weeks long, but I inexplicably thought it would be a good idea to bring a backpack that had a capacity of 85 litres. When full, the pack was bigger than me. Whilst it did wonders for my upper […]

  • 7 Amazingly Cheap Ways to Volunteer in Latin America

    Volunteer in Latin America

    I was always fascinated with the idea of being able to volunteer in Latin America. It was a place that seemed to revel in superlatives – biggest jungle, highest waterfall, largest density of wildlife, tallest mountains and best parties. After looking at the price of flights, and the cost of living for countries like Chile, Brazil […]

  • Age 18 – 25? Do ICS

    When I tell people about the time I left London to go and live in Bolivia for three months, the usual response is “what?”, if they happen to be American, “huh?”, or on the off chance that they’re Bolivian – “que senorita?” It was a strange move. But volunteering with ICS had been something I’d […]