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  • 5 Inspirational Travel Quotes That Are Actually Bullshit

      I assume that if you’re on my blog and reading this, you’re either a member of the family, a Facebook friend, or a person who is just genuinely quite interested in travel. If you’re a member of the latter category (in which case, welcome, and please follow me on everything), then I pose a […]

  • 2015 Year In Review

      Yep. It’s another of those year in review things. At the risk of blabbing on about how “2015 was incredible, but 2016 will be even better!”, I’ll just get on with it. Hover over the pictures for informative captions. January In January, I received the news that I’d got a job in Beijing, China, […]

  • Adventures of Sheen November 2015 Traffic Report

    My first month travel blogging is at an end. Thank Christ. Here’s a rough summary of the kind of traffic I’ve been seeing during my launch month, and my thoughts on what worked and what didn’t. Recap I started writing this blog back in August, as a way to work through my annoyingly constant wanderlust, […]