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  • How Quantum Mechanics Helped Me Quit My Job

      I stared at the screen, looking at the price of the flights, daring myself to click “purchase”. “You do this, and it’s all over”, I said to nobody. Finally I sighed, closed the laptop, and went back to playing my DS. Another day gone by where I didn’t buy the flights, where I didn’t […]

  • 5 Inspirational Travel Quotes That Are Actually Bullshit

      I assume that if you’re on my blog and reading this, you’re either a member of the family, a Facebook friend, or a person who is just genuinely quite interested in travel. If you’re a member of the latter category (in which case, welcome, and please follow me on everything), then I pose a […]

  • 5 Minute Guide: What’s Happening In Burma?

    Bagan, Burma

    With all this talk about Burma, I’ve seen a few things cropping up on tourist websites and travel blogs about the beauty of Bagan, Inle Lake, Rangoon and other attractions. They’re very nice articles, with tips on transport, accommodation, food and money. But I think it’s something of a shame that travel bloggers tend to […]

  • Konnichiwa Bitch: First Thoughts on Japan

    Kinkaku-Ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

    As I write this, I’m sat on a train twisting further up into the Japanese Alps, the sun setting over the green hills. I’m headed to Kanazawa, a place I have literally no expectations about, apart from that it’s got a castle, has something to do with the origin of samurai and is “quite nice”. […]

  • Age 18 – 25? Do ICS

    When I tell people about the time I left London to go and live in Bolivia for three months, the usual response is “what?”, if they happen to be American, “huh?”, or on the off chance that they’re Bolivian – “que senorita?” It was a strange move. But volunteering with ICS had been something I’d […]

  • An Honest Review of China Eastern

    And now for a simple review about the things I most enjoy about flying with China Eastern. 1.    Fun With Scheduling Don’t you love that apprehensive feeling of being at the airport, watching the planes fly past, shopping at the duty free and watching people tearfully depart and reunite at arrivals like a creepier Hugh […]