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How Quantum Mechanics Helped Me Quit My Job

  I stared at the screen, looking at the price of the flights, daring myself to click “purchase”. “You do this, and it’s all over”, […]

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5 Inspirational Travel Quotes That Are Actually Bullshit

  I assume that if you’re on my blog and reading this, you’re either a member of the family, a Facebook friend, or a person […]

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5 Minute Guide: What’s Happening In Burma?

With all this talk about Burma, I’ve seen a few things cropping up on tourist websites and travel blogs about the beauty of Bagan, Inle […]

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Konnichiwa Bitch: First Thoughts on Japan

As I write this, I’m sat on a train twisting further up into the Japanese Alps, the sun setting over the green hills. I’m headed […]

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Age 18 – 25? Do ICS

When I tell people about the time I left London to go and live in Bolivia for three months, the usual response is “what?”, if […]

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An Honest Review of China Eastern

And now for a simple review about the things I most enjoy about flying with China Eastern. 1.    Fun With Scheduling Don’t you love that […]

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