About Me

Hi, I’m Roisin, a 26 year old British/Irish sort of girl. That’s a pronounced Ro-sheen by the way. It’s a silly Irish name, just imagine Charlie Sheen rowing a boat or something. I like juggling, ukulele, cartoons, cheap cigarettes, Ron Weasely and white converse. Oh, and travelling, big fan of that too.

For the last few years I’ve been travelling as much as I possibly can, without going completely poor/ potentially homeless. I’m not a digital nomad, at least, not quite yet. And I’m not an English teacher, at least, not anymore. But I have managed to figure out ways to work and travel at the same time – and see the world with a steady stream of income.

Look at any travel blog and they’ll tell you: digital nomad good, 9 – 5 job bad. The problem is, digital nomadism takes hard work and a long old time…and what if you want to travel but don’t fancy being chained to your laptop the whole time? What if you want to go NOW, and you don’t have the time to wait the average year for your blog to take off? And what if it never takes off, what then? If you are as anxious a person as I am, these are very real concerns.

The fact is, you can literally get a job tomorrow in any part of the world (within reason), travel during your annual leave and public holidays, and even save up enough money for long term travel. It’s not quite as glamorous or idealistic as the whole digital nomad lifestyle, but for the last couple of years I’ve been pretty happy doing a 6 months on/ 6 months off policy, balancing between work and travel.

I’m bored easily and need change in my life, so I’m never in one place too long. Right now I live in Beijing, China but I’ve lived and worked in Kaifeng (also China), Germany, the USA, Bolivia, London and Ireland. This year alone I’ve visited 12 countries, all whilst having a full time job. Next year I’m hoping to head to either Australia or South America and setting up shop for another six months.

I’m a pretty normal person. I’m not particularly smart or talented, but I am passionate about travel. The point is, if I can make it work, anyone can. This blog is an attempt to compile my thoughts over the last few years of globetrotting but most of all, to help people out who are in a similar position to me…no money, no real ideas of how to get money, but a real burning desire to just GO somewhere.

I’ll reply to every comment left, even though I’m incredibly busy and important (I’m definitely not). Hope you enjoy my blog!